A blend of tradition and modernity, clean lines and ornate details creates space for the extraordinary

Relax in Mediterranean flair

Inspired by nature, our outdoor area radiates a sense of lightness and joie de vivre

More than just a beautiful façade: Perfection down to the last detail

The utmost quality was paramount in the design of the interiors and you can feel the difference – in every moment.

Elegance through and through

Luxury is the space for the free development of your personality in a private atmosphere full of peace and security

Simple yet luxurious elegance reflects what our guests expect from the Castel. As hosts, we see it as our duty to live up to this standard of design.

From the lobby through the corridors to the restaurant, the ambience is defined by light, air, harmonious colours and shapes.

Castel fine dining restaurant

Exclusive Michelin-starred cuisine in a luxurious ambience – an evening in our Michelin-starred restaurant is an unforgettable experience

Enjoy your privacy in the intimate atmosphere with just 5 tables, while the 15 metre wide glass façade offers an exclusive view over the city of Merano.

Discover the most beautiful sides in the Castel.
  • Discover the most beautiful sides in the Castel.


Queries & booking

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