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Procedure and participation

The Castel Driving Days 2024 will take place from October 16 - 20

Book your stay completely free of charge and also book a ride on the individual days. The order of registration counts. The general registration deadline for participation is in September 2024. Early booking is recommended.

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Driving day 1

Welcome Tour & Sparkling afternoon

The riding days begin with a beautiful half-day tour. In the afternoon, it first leads into the Ulten Valley and from there up to Fondo. The route then descends again over the spectacular Mendel Pass to Kaltern and on towards Terlan. Instead of taking the direct route back to the Castel, Daniel Dobitsch guides the group up to Mölten.

Once at the top, Sepp Reiterer guides the participants through his Arunda sparkling wine cellar - incidentally the highest in Europe! The last few kilometers are a relaxed ride via Hafling back to Meran and the Castel.

143 km | 2:40 hours

Driving day 2

Heading south

Today's destination: Lake Garda. The route does not take us along the A22 Brenner highway as usual, but along many beautiful mountain roads parallel to it. Part of the route is the famous Monte Bondone hill climb in the west of Trento. After overcoming this, the route leads through the "Valley of the Lakes" to Riva del Garda for lunch.

Strengthened, the way back is no less spectacular. Beautiful and particularly winding roads with little traffic lead northwards. Passing Lake Molveno, the route leads to Fondo. From there, the tour descends over the Gampen Pass into the Adige Valley and back to Castel.

334 km | 5:50 hours

Driving day 3

Last Call: Stelvio

For Jeremy Clarkson and his former TopGear presenter colleagues - but also for many others, including host Daniel Dobitsch - the Stelvio Pass is the most spectacular road. That's reason enough to include it in the driving days again - after 2021 - and probably as one of the last for 2024, before the first snow arrives.

But the route has even more highlights: The hairpin bend-laden descent to Bormio, the Passo di Foscagno over to Livigno and the beautiful route over the Ofen Pass (CH) to Glurns. There, a delicious lunch awaits the participants in the restaurant flurin. Those who wish can then stay a little longer in Italy's smallest town and visit the Puni whisky distillery, among other things.

243 km | 4:40 hours

Driving day 4

8x high up in the Dolomites

The big final tour of the 2024 riding days leads over eight fantastic Dolomite passes. The landscape looks surreally beautiful in the contrasting autumn light. Because tourism in the Dolomites is at a standstill in October, the roads are relatively empty.

The grin widens curve by curve. After riding day 2, also the final day is all about riding, so two short breaks and a quick stop for lunch near Cortina d'Ampezzo are enough. Back at the Castel, there is still enough time to reflect on the great impressions.

297 km | 5:50 hours

Facts, costs and frequently asked questions
Facts, costs and frequently asked questions
With which vehicles can I participate?

In principle, you can take part with any car. Daniel Dobitsch himself drives a different one of his private vehicles on each tour. From classic cars and convertibles to thoroughbred sports cars. The groups are divided up accordingly, but it is not recommended to participate with SUVs or limousines.

Is there a maximum number of participants?

In keeping with the philosophy of the Castel, Daniel wants to be able to look after all participants personally. Accordingly, we limit the number of participants.

We drive in two groups. One will be led by Daniel, the other by an experienced Porsche instructor.

A maximum of 8 cars per group and therefore a maximum of 16 cars for each tour. The order of registration counts.

What does it cost to take part in the driving days?

Host Daniel Dobitsch organizes the driving days out of passion and his enjoyment of driving and cars. It is therefore conceived as a non-profit event and the participation fees only serve to cover the necessary expenses.

This means that the participation costs are made up of a one-time entry fee of € 280 per car, plus € 50 for each tour you take part in. This covers all costs, i.e.

  • the entire organization
  • the accompaniment by host Daniel Dobitsch
  • professional photos
  • the respective road book for the tour (incl. link to Google Maps)

Individual costs for the stops and lunch are not included.

Can I only take part in individual riding days/tours?

Yes, of course. In keeping with the basic principle of "anything goes, nothing is compulsory", you are completely free to organize your stay at the Castel. You only ride on the days you want to.

Is there a supporting program outside the tours?

You should organize your stay outside the tours as you wish. Accordingly, there is no official supporting program, but time to relax, store or enjoy treatments in the Meranesse fine Spa and a dinner in the 2-star Castel finedining restaurant.

Nevertheless, everyone is cordially invited to a welcome aperitif on the opening evening. We also offer the opportunity to take part in a wine tasting with our sommelier Ivana on Friday after tour no. 3. Finally, on Saturday evening, Daniel Dobitsch cordially invites everyone to the Drivers' Table at the hotel bar for a drink and a chat.

Can I join the tours without taking part in the lunch?

Of course, you can skip lunch. But it would be a shame, as you would miss out on the great petrol talks and the good food.

I would like to take part, but I don't have my own suitable vehicle?

No problem. We can organize the rental of sports cars, convertibles and classic cars on early request.

Is it possible to sit together with other participants at dinner?

Yes, of course. If you already know each other before the event, please let us know when you make your reservation. If you get to know each other - which would be very nice - during the driving days, you can also let us know and we will arrange a table together.

Queries & booking

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