April 2022 - a Castel story from the Dobitsch family

The magic of spring

When spring lets its famous blue ribbon flutter through the air again, nature not only awakens to new life in Merano and Environs, but also to a whole new attitude towards life.

Even Empress Sissi enjoyed the colourful time of awakening, which enchants much earlier here in South Tyrol than north of the Alps.

The culinary arts

Bon appétit!

With lightness and joie de vivre, spring is not only making its way into the country and into people's minds, but also into Gerhard Wieser's kitchen. While in the winter months people tend to enjoy hearty, savoury and plentiful meals, classic spring vegetables such as asparagus, wild garlic and rhubarb are now being served in light dishes that are packed with vitamins and nutrients to keep the body fit for an active summer.

The spicy herbs, which we source regionally from our immediate vicinity and which complement our spring dishes perfectly, are also varied, fresh and full of flavour.

Of course, a fine wine is a must. Our sommelier Ivana Capraro recommends stronger, sometimes buttery white wines such as Chardonnay, intense Gewürztraminer or a fruity Sauvignon - ideal with asparagus.

Spring awakening

For body, mind and soul

Is winter still in your skin and bones? Let's get rid of it! Detoxifying and purifying is the motto now, and nowhere is this more stylish than at the Meranesse fine Spa. Personalised and targeted treatments with local ingredients such as honey and flowers give your body a spring-like feeling of lightness.

You will find even more relaxation for body and soul in our saunas, steam baths, experience showers and the Kneipp pool, which are particularly inviting after outdoor activities.

Or let yourself be pampered by the spring sunshine and fresh air and say goodbye to winter by sunbathing on your private balcony, the lounge terrace or by the heated pool.

Out into the fresh air

Become one with nature

Fresh buds burst open and transform the landscape and gardens in Merano and Environs into a sea of white and pink flowers. While winter retreats to the snow-covered mountain peaks, a mild, fragrant spring breeze accompanies you on a hike or cycle tour along streams through blossoming orchards.

How about a first game of golf? Towns and promenades invite you to take a stroll, cafés invite you to linger, while the region's inns and restaurants spoil you with light spring dishes.

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