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October 2023 - a Castel story by Ivana Capraro

Rosenmuskateller 2021 - Ansitz Waldgries

Every month we present a wine from our cellar that our sommelier Ivana Capraro recommends for that month.

Hotel Castel: Sommelière Ivana Capraro
October 2023

It is thanks to a curiosity that the Rosenmuskateller is in South Tyrol.

The vine seems to have originated in Sicily. Prince Henry of Campofranco - so it is assumed - once brought it to South Tyrol. He was related to the Habsburgs and moved to Kaltern in 1851. He brought some "vines" of Moscato Rosa with him.

Aromatische und komplexe Wein des Weingut Waldgries bei Bozen

This sweet, round, aromatic and complex wine is a highly prized speciality. Its intense aroma of rose petals, lime blossom and nutmeg, combined with a fruity, sweet flavour, make it the ideal accompaniment to many South Tyrolean desserts.

The cultivation requires a great deal of care and the yields are always manageable. The harvested grapes, which are naturally sweet, are fermented like a red wine. The soils and climate of mountainous South Tyrol - the warm air currents from the south and the cool winds from the mountains - contribute significantly to the typical minerality, flavour and freshness of the wines.

Anbau und Lagerung des Rosenmuskatellers in Südtirol
Hotel Castel: Lagerung des Weines im Weinkeller
The winery

Waldgries Estate

One of the enchanted places in South Tyrol that has the ideal characteristics for Moscato Rosa are the slopes of the Waldgries vineyard near Bolzano. It lies to the north of the provincial capital of South Tyrol in the direction of Ritten in the area of St. Magdalena, which is known for Vernatsch and Lagrein. At the Plattner house, a few pergolas with pink Muscat grapes produce the delicious wine. They are very close to winemaker Christian Plattner's heart.

He took over the winery in 1990 at the age of just 18. It was already mentioned in historical texts in the middle of the 12th century and became the property of his family in 1930. Since then, Christian has taken care of all aspects of production and marketing, with St. Magdalena and Lagrein as the protagonists, Pinot Blanc and Sauvignon for the production of white wines and the pearl Moscato Rosa as the jewel in the crown. Christian Plattner was one of the first winemakers I met when I came to South Tyrol from Apulia, and we have enjoyed a warm friendship ever since.

Ansitz Waldgries: Hänge vom Weingut Waldgries bei Bozen
The wine

Rose Muscat 2021

"What begins as an eccentric diva in the vineyard ends as a fine lady in the bottle."

This is how Christian describes the development of his Rosenmuskateller, of which he only produces 1,800 bottles in a good year. The vines grow on south-west-facing slopes at an altitude of 250 metres. A speciality: 70% of the grapes are air-dried and the other 30% are harvested late.

A niche wine! I am very happy and grateful to be able to offer it on our wine list and to pour it for the enjoyment of dear guests and wine lovers.

Entwicklung des Rosenmuskatellers am Weingut Waldgries
Grape variety:

100% Rose Muscat (Moscato Rosa)


Rich ruby red colour


Rose petals, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, aromas reminiscent of an oriental bazaar, complex structure.


Dense and harmonious, balances its sweetness well with fresh acidity and present tannin structure.


Poppy seed strudel, chocolate mousse, gingerbread, desserts with dark chocolate and cinnamon, nut and almond pastries, and foie gras.

Would you like to try it?

Enjoy Castel wines at home

Weinempfehlung des Sommelière Ivana Capraro

You can enjoy this rare wine and other great Ansitz Waldgreis wines at the Castel and take some home with you from our hotel's own wine shop at attractive prices. Alternatively, we will be happy to send you your favourite wines directly.


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